In Project 16, your Final Project, I offer no concrete suggestions. That makes it harder. You will
have to think. And your Final Project MUST be a collaborative Project. Don't bother asking to do
one on your own. The answer is NO - without exceptions. The reason? You will always be faced
with doing things cooperatively in your profession so you need the practice. And don't say well,
my partner and I never have time to meet together. Face to face is possible during your regularly
scheduled class time so if you think that will be a problem, get with a group in your time slot.
There are no possible excuses for not using the time for which you registered as cooperative
work time.
And there are other ways as well. Use Skype, Google chat, FaceTime, the telephone, texting,
email, Twitter to stay connected. Use Delicious to share information. Use Google Docs to
collaborate at the same time, or at different times. You should have mastered some tools for
working separately but collaboratively.
Even though I am not going to say "Here is a list. Choose one.", I am providing you with a short
video in which I discuss some possibilities. You may come up with other possibilities. You may
want to discuss them with me, Anthony, Jamie Lynn, Stephen, and former EDM310 students, Mr.
Tashbin, Mr. Sullivan, your boy/girl friend(s), your parents, your children. Maybe even your dog
or cat. (I recommend your dog, but some people like cats.)

Also make a list of what you WANT to do. If you WANT to do something, you will probably do

a better job than if you are doing something you were assigned to do.

What is the hardest part of this assignment? Figuring out what you will do, how you will do it

and how you will distribute the responsibilities for your project. Because that should take some

real effort on your part, and because you should be hard at work on Project 15 at the moment, I

am not even going to allow you to tell me what you are going to do and with whom until

Monday November 8. But that does NOT mean you should wait to start on your Final project

until then, You MUST start now. The hardest part is deciding what you will do. That is what this

week is for!